Product brochures collection (2004)

These product brochures were available in Apple Stores and elsewhere in the early 2000s. They measured 4.25 x 6.5 inches folded, and designs were sometimes stapled and folded out into different layouts. All of these brochures feature a photo of the product on the front panel, information inside, and specifications on the back panel.

iLife ’04 (2004)
This brochure’s cover features five interlocking puzzle pieces—picturing a video camera, headphones, digital camera, MIDI keyboard, and DVD—that represent the iLife suite along with the headline, “Every new Mac comes preloaded with some amazing software. We call it iLife.” The brochure folds out into an 8-up mini-poster that shows an iBook G4 surrounded by items that work with iLife, including a MIDI keyboard, a digital video camera, a digital camera, an iPod, and a stack of DVDs. The headline reads, “iLife ’04. The easiest way to organize, create, and share the things you love.”

Power Mac G5/Apple Displays (2004)
This brochure is two-sided. One side features the Power Mac G5 and the other side features Apple Displays. When opened, the 2-up layout headline reads, “Think fast. Think big.” and a Power Mac G5 is pictured along side a 23-inch Apple Cinema HD Display. Inside, the 4-up horizontal layout shows all available default configurations of Power Mac G5 computers and Apple Cinema Displays.

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