Media Arts CD digital magazine (1999)

This Media Arts CD is presented as a digital magazine. The cardboard folder serves both as printed content overview and as packaging for the CD. The folder measures 5.5 x 7 inches and contains a CD-ROM. The interior and exterior of the folder and the CD use a matching design. The package is clearly branded using the Apple Garamond font and a translucent blue Apple logo.

The full title of the package is Apple Media Arts News for the Creative Community, and the interior text conveys:

Apple Media Arts presents news for the creative community. Profiles of innovators, iconoclasts, and industry leaders. The latest developments in design, publishing, and digital video. Apple tools and technologies that help you create your best work. With this edition, Apple Media Arts moves to the World Wide Web. Our focus: digital video production.”

Source: Apple

Macintosh Products Guide CD (Spring 1999)

This CD was packaged in an orange sleeve from the ADC (Apple Developer Connection). The packaging lists the contents:

Macintosh Products Guide

“Have you ever wondered if the right software or hardware existed to perform a specific task on your Mac? Or have you heard about some of the latest products for your Mac and wished you had a convenient resource to learn more about them?

On this CD you’ll find Apple’s Macintosh Products Guide, the only tool you need to help you locate information on over 12,000 software and hardware products for the Macintosh platform. Here you’ll learn about the hottest products available for your Mac, including games, productivity applications, printers, scanners, image editing applications, utilities, digital cameras, USB peripherals for the iMac, and much, much more. And many of the products listed in the Macintosh Products Guide have direct links for easy online purchase.

We’re sure you’ll find the Macintosh Products Guide on the web an invaluable resource for all your product information needs—one you’ll turn to again and again. With that in mind, be sure to visit the Macintosh Products Guide web site for the latest information on the wide range of products available for your Mac. Point your browser to”

Source: Apple

Resource Library CDs, set 2 (1999, 2000)

This collection of CDs include original cardboard packaging with each package containing 1–3 CD-ROM discs. Each CD package is titled “The Apple Sales and Marketing Resource Library” and features a color photo of an Apple product. Each package is also dated.

Set 1 of my collection includes:

  • November 1998 (1 CD)
  • January 1999 (3 CDs)
  • April 1999 (2 CDs)
  • August 1999 (1 CD)

My collection also contains the May 1999 Resource Library CDs without the packaging.

This collection includes:

March 1999 (2 CDs)
Pictured: G3 Blue & White tower and matching Blue & White display
CD 1
K-12 Seminar # 1
Education QuickFacts
New/Revised Data Sheets
Mac Products Guide 02.99
Studio Display QTVRs
FireWire Fact Sheet
iMac Photography
iMac Sales Pres
CD 2
“A Day in the Life of an SAP Order”
“Learn & Earn 1999”
“Part lI SAP”
Exec. Commentary: Wane Kozlow

May 1999 (2CDs)
Pictured: Strawberry iMac
CD 1
PowerSales May 1999
Apple Loan Ad Slicks
ColorSync White Paper
Final Cut DataSheet & FAQ
QuickTime 4.0 Data & Fact Sheets
Mac OS X Server Data Sheet & FAQ
Mac OS X Server Presentation
Mac Products Guide 04.99
Mac OS Promos
CD 2
Mac OS X Server Training

June 1999 (3 CDs)
Pictured: PowerBook G3
CD 1
PowerSales June 99
PowerBook G3 Series Photography
PowerBook G3 Series Data Sheet
PowerBook G3 Series Presentation
Final Cut Pro Data Sheet
Final Cut Pro White Paper
Final Cut Pro Overview Movie
Final Cut Pro Presentation
QuickTime 4.0 Pro Data Sheet
QuickTime 4.0 Pro Fact Sheet
WebObjects Success Stories
CD 2
Taped Kevnote Speeches:
Jon Rubenstein & Phil Schiller
Mitch Mandich
CD 3
Taped Sessions:
Mac OS 8 Overview
Mac OS X Overview
QuickTime-What’s New

July 1999 (1 CD)
Pictured: G3 Blue & White tower
CD 1
PowerSales July 99
QuickTime 4 Glossary
WebObjects Success Stories
Mac OS X Server Presentation
Macintosh Server G3 Presentation
QuickMail Pro Client Demo
Electrifier® Pro 1.0.1
Quickevs 4.0 Demo
Informed 2.6.2
4D v6.5

August 1999 (1 CD)
CD only (no cardboard insert)
CD 1
PowerSales August 99
iBook Sales Presentation
Macworld NY 99 Keynote Speech
iBook Data Sheets, Take One and FAQ
iBook and AirPort Product Photography
Design & Publishing Sales Presentations
AppleShare IP 6.2 Sales Presentation
AppleCare Data Sheets and FAQs
QuickTime 4 Sales Presentation
WebObjects Success Stories
AppleShare IP 6.2 (NFR)

October 1999 (2 CDs)
Pictured: Mac OS 9 retail box
CD 1

PowerSales October 1999
Mac OS 9 Sales Presentation
Macintosh and DV White Paper
Digital Moviemaking with iMac DV
Mac OS 9 Data Sheet, FAQ & Take One
iMac DV Data Sheets, FAQ & Take One
iMac DV Product Photography
WebObjects Success Stories
iMac DV Sales Presentation
iMovie Fact Sheet & FAQ
CD 2
Flint Center Event – Steve Jobs
Electrifier® Pro 1.0.2
Spell Catcher 8 Demo
Soundlam MP v1.1.1 Demo
Conflict Catcher 8.0.6 Demo
Informed Designer®v2.7 Demo
Informed Filler® v2.7 Demo
Version Master Mac 2.0.2
REALbasic 2.02 Demo
FMSync for JFile

November 1999 (2 CDs)
Pictured: Graphite iMac SE
CD 1

PowerSales November 1999
iBook Demo Fall ’99 V2
PowerBook G3 Demo Fall ’99
Power Mac G4 Demo Fall ’99 V2
iMac Demo Fall ’99 V2
AppleShare IP 6.3
CD 2
iBook First Impressions
AppleShare IP 6.3 Data Sheet
AppleCare Protection Plan Data Sheet
Design & Publishing Sales Presentations
AppleShare IP 6.3 Sales Presentation
Apple Corporate & Reseller Logos
Reseller Advertising Guidelines
Mac OS 9 Reseller Ad Kit
iMac Reseller Ad Kit

January 2000 (1 CD)
Pictured: 5 slot-loading iMacs (tangerine, strawberry, blueberry, grape, and lime)
PowerSales January 2000
AppleWorks 6 Data Sheet
Apple Internet Services FAQ
Apple Internet Services Sales Preso
Apple Studio Display 15″ Data Sheet
Mac OS X Server Data Sheet & FAQ
Apple Displays Sales Presentation
Adobe Web Collection Promo
AirPort FAQ

Source: Apple

Resource Library CDs, set 1 (1998, 1999)

This collection of CDs include original cardboard packaging with each package containing 1–3 CD-ROM discs. Each CD package is titled “The Apple Sales and Marketing Resource Library” and features a color photo of an Apple computer. Each package is also dated.

The CD contents include:

November 1998 (1 CD)
Pictured: Power Macintosh G3 (beige desktop) with keyboard, mouse, and monitor
CD 1
Interop Seminar Materials
Apple Loan Reseller Sign Up
Mac OS 8.5 Interactive Demo
Mac OS 8.5 Data Sheet & FAQ
“e-mail” and “Beige” Commercials
PowerBook G3 Overview & FAQ
PowerBook G3 Sales Pres
USB Sales Fact Sheet & Pres
Apple Commercial Credit
New/Revised Data Sheets

January 1999 (3 CDs)
Pictured: Macintosh Server G3 (tower)
CD 1
Tales of the iMac
“Hal” Commercial
Publishing Market Guide
MacWorld Product Intro Materials
New Product Presentations
New Product Photography
Mac Products Guide
Data Sheet Library
CD 2
In Concert
SFX Machine
Conflict Catcher
Mac OS 8.5.1 Update
fusion EFFECTS
Unity DS-1
Retro AS-1
4D V6
CD 3 (Apple PowerSales)
New Apple Products (MacWorld)
Jeff Hansen

April 1999 (2 CDs)
Pictured: G3 Tower (blue and white)
CD 1
PowerSales Apr 1999
Gistics AppleScript ROI Rpt
Ed ANAT Volume Lic. Promo
AMA/Enhancing the Workflow
Small Business and iMac Presentation
PM G3 AV for Education Data Sheet
Power Macintosh G3 Poster
Pfeiffer Technology Report
PowerBook Ad Slicks
Mac OS X Server Material
(and more)
CD 2
Myth II: Soulblighter
Dark Vengeance Demo
Hoyle Card Games Demo
3D Ultra NASCAR® Pinball
Quest For Glory V: Dragon Fire
M.Y.O.B. Trial Version 8
Lode Runner 2 Demo
Civilization II Demo
AppleWorks 5
(and more)

August 1999 (1 CD)
Pictured: iBook (blueberry)
CD 1
QuickTime 4
[Resource Library CDs appear to be lost]

My collection also contains the May 1999 Resource Library CDs without the packaging.

Source: Apple

Apple Logo Mousepad (strawberry, 1999)

This thin plastic mousepad was made by the company Microthin and features the strawberry (red) Apple logo printed in a manner to simulate the translucent plastic Apple logo used in the iMac line of computers at the time. This mousepad is red to match the strawberry iMac. The iMac colors of the time included tangerine, lime, blueberry, grape, strawberry, and graphite.

This mousepad is round and measures 8.5 inches in diameter. It is printed with a MICROTHIN PRODUCTS logo and small text along the bottom curve (in Apple Garamond font) reads, ©1999 Apple Computer, Inc. All rights reserved. L04108A. Different mousepad colors appear to use the same part number.

The back of the mousepad is covered in a sticky material that provides traction to prevent slippage. The tackiness of the material is still viable after over 20 years and can be reactivated by rinsing accumulated dust with water. However, the entire mousepad is beginning to show signs of yellowing.

I also have a blueberry example of this mousepad.

Source: No official sources found, additional colors confirmed on eBay

iMac to go (iBook) magnets (1999)

This shrink-wrapped package of round magnets feature an image of the original tangerine iBook and the words, “iMac to go. Introducing the iBook.” The magnet also includes the “Think Different” tagline used at the time along with a color-matched tangerine Apple logo.

The magnets are 3.5 inches diameter and there are 25 magnets in the package. The package also includes the original internal part number, L04107A (also printed on each magnet).

Source: Wikipedia

Re-birth announcement. magazine insert (iMac, 1999)

In the late 1990s and early 2000s, part of Apple’s print advertising included magazine inserts. These inserts functioned like “mini-magazines” within magazines. These inserts were glued with a pliable rubber cement that could be easily removed.

This magazine insert shows the iMac DV Special Edition in graphite and the headline “Re-birth announcement.”

When opened, each page folds out into a three-panel spread. Opened, a two-panel spread shows a slot-loading iMac with several paragraphs of text, and opening the fold-out reveals additional information on three panels. Overall, this magazine insert has three, three-panel spreads. The first spread shows iMac features, the second spread discusses media playing and creation capabilities, and the third spread is devoted to the AirPort base station and wireless.

The back page features all six available colors at the time: Tangerine, Strawberry, Blueberry, Grape, Lime, and Graphite.

This insert is stapled and contains three, three-panel spreads. Folded, it measures 10.5 x 7.375 inches.

Blueberry iBook magazine insert (1999)

In the late 1990s and early 2000s, part of Apple’s print advertising included magazine inserts. These inserts were “mini-magazines” within magazines. They were glued with a pliable rubber cement that could be easily removed.

This insert is an advertisement for the original blueberry iBook. The cover has no words, just a photo of the lid of the blueberry iBook. Inside, the ad shows an open iBook with a screen that reads, “Say hello to iBook.” and includes a photo of the earth (perhaps to represent the World Wide Web) and various icons and short descriptions of iBook features. The back cover shows the bottom of the iBook.

Interestingly, the actual iBook could not open and lay flat as this advertisement suggests. However, the simplicity of the overall image is very effective since you could open and close the ad just like you would a laptop.

Folded, the size of the insert is 7.875 x 10.5 inches. Unfolded, the insert is 15.75 inches tall.

Another year, another revolution. mini-brochure (Power Mac G3 blue and white, 1999)

This mini-brochure measures 3 x 4.5 inches folded. Fully unfolded, the trifold layout pictures a Power Mac G3 blue and white tower with the door open and call-out text referring to various features such as drive bays, processor, and memory. The copy reads:

“When we set out to build a successor to the power Macintosh G3, we didn’t just refine it. We completely reinvented it.
The new power Macintosh G3 gives you more in every way. It’s the most powerful, expandable—and dare we say, revolutionary—Mac ever built.”

The back panel includes specifications.

TBWA Chiat/Day magazine spread set (1999–2000)

This set includes five magazine spreads printed on 18 x 14.1875 paper and laminated. Each magazine spread is labeled at bottom-center with “TBWA CHIAT/DAY INC. LA” (Apple’s ad agency at the time) and a code number. The spreads feature slot-loading iMac computers and one features the tangerine iBook.

Q200-99-P2618AO features the tangerine iBook with the tagline “iMac to go.” (1999)

Q200-99-3172A features the lime slot-loading iMac with the tagline “And the award for Best Home Movie goes to…” (1999)

Q200-99-3502A features the grape slot-loading iMac with the tagline “Baywatch Baby” (2000)

Q200-99-P3739A features the tangerine slot-loading iMac with the tagline “Rock‘n Roll Machine” (2000)

Q200-99-P3740A features the lime slot-loading iMac with the tagline “Leapin’ Lizards.” (2000)

The iBook magazine spread introduces the iBook laptop and touts its built-in 56K modem as “the world’s easiest path to the Internet.”

All iMac magazine spreads feature slot-loading iMac models and DV camcorders with “Desktop Video” or “Desktop Movies.” Apple mentions the iMovie app in three of the four ads, but the main purpose of the ads is to show the ease of using the iMac to create videos, a relatively cumbersome task before Apple introduced FireWire and iMovie.

Unfortunately, I have no idea where I acquired these magazine spreads. I’m not now—nor have ever been—in the publishing, printing, or advertising business. If anyone has additional history on these, I’d appreciate it!