Backpack, Apple Distinguished Educator (2017)

This computer backpack is embroidered on the front with the Apple Distinguished Educator logo in metallic silver. The backpack is made by Vertex (5387) and a tag indicates that the model is a Viper Computer Backpack.

The backpack has many practical features for travel, including a detatchable “Viewpoint System” to easily remove your laptop during airport screening. It aslo has a carabiner with a bottle opener, a luggage strap to slip over a carry-on handle, and a large center compartment.

I was honored to receive this backpack as part of the Apple Distinguished Educator program. I am part of the ADE Class of 2007.

Backpack, Apple Distinguished Educator (2019)

This computer backpack is embroidered on the front with the Apple Distinguished Educator logo in metallic silver. The backpack is made by Gemline and the model is the Ryder Computer Backpack.

The Gemline website lists some of the features of this backpack, including a zippered wide mouth opening to large main compartment, a padded laptop compartment that fits up to a 17-inch laptop, a front flap pocket with easy access to multi-function organizer, a side pocket for an iPad (up to 10 inches), and dual mesh water bottle pockets. The interior lining and backpack straps feature a map-patterned lining.

I was honored to receive this backpack as part of the Apple Distinguished Educator program. I am part of the ADE Class of 2007.

Source: Gemline

Conference bag (gray, c. 2008)

This gray bag features a single white Apple logo on the front center. This bag was distributed at an educational technology conference in the late 2000s. Conferences frequently distribute these types of bags in vendor areas to assist attendees in carrying the printed conference guide, brochures, and tchotchkes such as pens, t-shirts, and other logo-printed items.

This bag is made from polypropylene by Logomark. The product line is SOVRANO (style KT6500). According to the company website, the bag measures 12 inches W x 14 inches H x 8 inches D.

Source: Logomark

Long-sleeve pique polo, Apple Learning Interchange (tan, c. 2005)

This Apple Learning Interchange shirt features a unique style: it is a button-down pique polo with long sleeves, a front pocket, and a pique knit collar. It features three embroidered details—the words and URL “Apple Learning Interchange” over the front pocket, the word “Author” on the left sleeve, and a black Apple logo on the top-center of the back. The shirt is tan and all embroidery is in black.

The Apple Learning Interchange (ALI) program and website are no longer active. Education World described ALI as “an Internet community for K-12 educators with a large and participatory membership. Apple has gathered databases of lesson-planning units, Internet resources, and Internet-based projects. Also included are discussion forums and chat rooms for educators.”

MacRumors reported that the Apple Learning Interchange shut down in 2010, quoting an inactive Apple link: “For years the Apple Learning Interchange (ALI) has served as an important resource for educators to access great education content, share best practices, and learn more about using technology in the context of teaching and learning. Over the last three years, iTunes U in the iTunes Store has grown to be an even larger education resource.”

The shirt is made by VANTAGE in Pakistan of 100% combed cotton. It is size 2X.

This shirt was worn by an Apple Distinguished Educator to educational technology conferences. During this time in the ADE program, members would frequently co-author educational content and present at conferences and other events.

Although I am a member of the Apple Distinguished Educator program (Class of 2007), this shirt predates my involvement in the program.

Sources: Education World, iTunes U

Polo shirt, white Apple logo (charcoal, c. 2010)

This polo-style shirt is charcoal (dark gray) and features a white Apple logo in the upper-left front. The back of the shirt includes no Apple markings.

The shirt was made by PORT|AUTHORITY in their SIGNATURE collection. It is a size L.

I purchased this shirt from the Apple Company Store at 1 Infinite Loop (Cupertino, CA) in approximately 2010.

Sweatshirt, i learn, therefore i am. (black, c. 2013)

This unusual black sweatshirt design features the phrase “i learn, therefore i am.” in white text centered on the front. I have seen no other Apple designs that use the lowercase “i,” presumably to echo the lowercase “i” in many Apple products, in this case, iTunes U. The back of the sweatshirt has a white Apple logo, and the brand iTunes U centered at the top.

Apple launched iTunes U in 2007. Apple describes iTunes U as “a dedicated area within the iTunes Store ( featuring free content such as course lectures, language lessons, lab demonstrations, sports highlights and campus tours provided by top US colleges and universities including Stanford University, UC Berkeley, Duke University and MIT.”

According to Apple, they plan to discontinue iTunes U at the end of 2021.

This sweatshirt is made by American Apparel. Its tag indicates it was “Made in Downtown LA” and made in USA of 100% combed cotton.

Apple (Support, iTunes U)

T-shirt, [Mac OS] X (white, 2001)

This white Mac OS X t-shirt is unopened and sealed in its original packaging. The shirt features a large blue X on the front stylized in Apple’s “Aqua” design language—translucent bright blue with a glossy finish. The style matched the translucent iMac at the time, and the style was used in the then-new Mac OS X operating system.

The back of this t-shirt uses black lettering in the Apple Garamond font with the phrase, “Coming to a Macintosh near you.” In smaller type below is a black Apple logo with the tagline “Think different.”

The t-shirt tag indicates it is a Hanes Beefy-T brand made from 100% preshrunk cotton in size ADULT L. It was made in the U.S.A. and assembled in Mexico.

Although this shirt is unopened in plastic wrapping, I was able to verify the back design on eBay. (The back text is partially visible through the fabric.)

T-shirt, 1 Infinite Loop (black, c. 2013)

This black t-shirt features a unique infinity-symbol logo made from a line of text that repeats “Apple Campus, 1 Infinite Loop, Cupertino, CA” three times.

The shirt does not have a tag, but is printed with the size 2XL and “Made in USA.” The size is stylized in the Apple Myriad font with a rounded-rectangle border, the same design used to indicate the storage size of various iPod and iPhone models.

This t-shirt has not been worn and includes its tag from The Company Store, a store on the Apple Campus at 1 Infinite Loop that resembles an Apple Store, but includes Apple logo retail items such as t-shirts and mugs.

T-shirt, Cupertino. 859 miles and 180º from Redmond. (light blue, c. 2010)

This light blue t-shirt features the words, “Cupertino. 859 miles and 180º from Redmond.” on the front center printed in white in the Apple Myriad font.

The shirt is a reference to Microsoft. The Microsoft headquarters are located in Redmond, Washington, 859 miles away from Apple’s headquarters in Cupertino, California. The “180º” is meant to signify that Apple’s culture is opposite of Microsoft’s.

The back of the shirt features a white Apple logo at the top center.

This well-worn shirt is a Hanes Beefy-T brand in size 2XL. It was made in Honduras. I purchased this shirt at the Apple Company Store.

T-shirt, ADE Summer Institute (red, 2009)

This bright red t-shirt was given to Apple Distinguished Educators who attended the ADE Summer Institute in 2009 at Full Sail University in Winter Park, Florida, USA. This shirt is sealed in its original package.

The shirt was made in the USA by CANVAS. The size is XXLarge.

I was honored to receive this shirt as member of the Apple Distinguished Educator program. I am in the ADE Class of 2007.