Apple Education 1 to 1 planning resources collection (2006, 2007)

From the mid-1980s to early 2000s, many schools had computer labs where students took computer classes or completed class projects. In general, students used computers at scheduled times during the school day. In the early 2000s, laptop carts became common so instead of going to the computer lab, the computer lab could go to your class.

In the early- to mid-2000s some schools had taken the leap to provide a laptop to every student throughout the school day. At first, these “1 to 1” (or 1:1) programs—one computer per one student—were rare and schools that implemented the programs only allowed students to use laptops while in school. Slowly, 1:1 programs allowed students to take home laptops some or all the time.

Around 2005, Apple Education began creating materials to help schools and school districts create 1:1 computer programs. These two paperback books are examples of Apple Education’s planning materials for school leaders.

In the short, but well-referenced brochure, Implementing a Successful 1 to 1 Learning Program, Apple makes the case for a 1:1 implementation:

“Students today are markedly different than they were a decade ago. Today’s learners are digitally savvy, born at a time and cell phones, handheld gaming devices, iPod, and notebooks are commonplace in homes are filled with computers, TVs, digital video recorders, and game consoles. Today’s students are not engaged by traditional lecture-based modes of teaching, preferring to learn by creating and doing, not by ‘sitting and getting’ (Barth, 2001). They want an active learning experience to match their active lifestyles—preferably enabled by the technology that has become their second nature.”

This brochure measures 7 x 9 inches and 9 pages long.

Another resource for 1:1 planning was a folder-sized brochure with 8 color pages. The brochure is titled One student. One computer. One great way to learn. The first page is a series of quotes by education leaders across the United States, and the rest of the brochure includes information in three more categories: 21st century learning tools for 21st century kids. A complete environment for learning and achievement. Higher achievement, from Maine to Hawaii.

The back page of the folder included a flap to store a series of “Profiles in Success.” The profiles included in my version are: Henrico County Public Schools (Richmond, VA); Manatee County Schools (Bradenton, FL); Michael Petrides School (Staten Island, NY); and Maine Public Schools.

This folder is full color and measures 9 x 12 inches.

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