Educator Advantage pen (multicolor, black Apple logotype, c. 1990)

This pen is primarily yellow with purple, green, and red accents. The pen is printed in black in the Apple Garamond font, Apple’s corporate font at the time. The printing includes a black Apple logo, a black Apple logotype, and contact information for the Apple Educator Advantage Individual Purchase Program.

The Apple Educator Advantage Individual Purchase Program was a no-interest loan program offered by Apple for school staff in approximately the late 1990s–2000s. The program was executed by individual school districts as a payroll deduction for employees who were interested. Two of the school districts in which I served offered a version of this program.

(My collection includes the same pen, but printed with just a black Apple logotype.)

Color-changing pens (Bic; neon purple, green, & pink; black logotype; c. 1990)

This set of neon-colored Bic pens have black caps and are printed with a black Apple logotype in Apple Garamond, Apple’s corporate font at the time.

The three neon colors include purple, green, and pink.

UPDATE: After I posted this originally, I discovered an eBay listing for Apple “color changing pens” that looked just like these. I tested them by grasping them for a few minutes, and found that they are, indeed, color changing with heat! I’m not sure if the effect has faded with age, but each of the three colors still fade. The last three photos show the effect.

Apple Education ’93 Pen and Pencil Set (1993)

This Apple Education pen and pencil set was manufactured in Germany by the Senator company. The set consists of a similarly designed white plastic pen and pencil with black accents and a black rubber grip. The sides of the pen and pencil are printed in the Apple Garamond font (Apple’s corporate font from 1984–2003) with “Apple Education ’93” and a compass symbol with a black Apple logo at the center.

The box from the set measures 6.875 inches tall, 1.75 inches wide, and 0.75 inches deep. The pen and pencil are clipped to a white plastic base.

According to their website, the company that manufactured this set is still in operation and recently celebrated their 100th anniversary: “senator products stand out because they represent a thorough concept targeting individualised brand presentation: a broad range of designs, dependable production and customised printing mean they offer a perfect match with your brand.”

Source: Senator