Apple Education ’93 Pen and Pencil Set (1993)

This Apple Education pen and pencil set was manufactured in Germany by the Senator company. The set consists of a similarly designed white plastic pen and pencil with black accents and a black rubber grip. The sides of the pen and pencil are printed in the Apple Garamond font (Apple’s corporate font from 1984–2003) with “Apple Education ’93” and a compass symbol with a black Apple logo at the center.

The box from the set measures 6.875 inches tall, 1.75 inches wide, and 0.75 inches deep. The pen and pencil are clipped to a white plastic base.

According to their website, the company that manufactured this set is still in operation and recently celebrated their 100th anniversary: “senator products stand out because they represent a thorough concept targeting individualised brand presentation: a broad range of designs, dependable production and customised printing mean they offer a perfect match with your brand.”

Source: Senator

eMate 300 Pen (unopened, 1997)

This eMate 300 Pen is a replacement stylus for the Newton eMate 300 device. The accessory is model number H0222Z/A and is unopened in the original packaging.

The eMate 300 was marketed to education as a low-cost laptop-like device, and was the only Newton with a built-in keyboard.

Source: Wikipedia