Welcome to the personal website of Dr. Matt J. Fuller. I am an educator and musician who enjoys learning, music, and design. I collect vintage Apple devices and memorabilia.

I serve as Assistant Superintendent for Technology and Innovation at Barrington 220, a PK–12 school district northwest of Chicago, Illinois, USA. I have served in educational technology leadership roles in school districts for over 20 years.

My research papers are available on Apple Books:

I am an Apple Distinguished Educator (Class of 2007).

Apple Collection

iSight Accessory Kit (2003)

The iSight Accessory Kit included three mounting stands, three FireWire cable adapters, and a FireWire cable. This model number, M9314G/A, was the first version of the kit. A similar kit with different packaging was introduced later with model number M9314G/B. Each of the three mounting stands were designed for different purposes and included a laptop …