Welcome to the personal website of Dr. Matt J. Fuller. I am an educator and musician who enjoys learning, music, and design. I collect vintage Apple devices and memorabilia.

I serve as Assistant Superintendent for Technology and Innovation at Barrington 220, a PK–12 school district northwest of Chicago, Illinois, USA. I have served in educational technology leadership roles in school districts for over 20 years.

My research papers are available on Apple Books:

I am an Apple Distinguished Educator (Class of 2007).

Apple Collection

Black Unity Braided Solo Loop (45mm, Size 12, 2022)

The Black Unity Braided Solo Loop was released at the beginning of Black History Month (February) 2022 as a limited edition band. The band material is shown as “polyester yarn braided around silicone thread.” Apple described the band: “Designed by Black creatives and allies at Apple to celebrate Black history and culture, the Black Unity …