We only get one chance Apple Education brochure (2002)

This Apple Education brochure was printed on heavy matte paper and featured an idealized message aimed at educators to introduce a vision of a digital-age classroom. All photography in the book features real students in classroom environments and is printed using full-page bleeds (all photos go all the way to the edge of the pages with no borders).

The cover begins with the text “We only get one chance,” and the first two-page spread continued, “to engage them, to set them on the right path, and to prepare them for a world none of us can possibly predict.” The next spread begins with the question “So, what will we do with this chance?”

The next pages are two-page spreads with a full-bleed photo on one side and information on the facing page discussing several categories including Mobile Computing, Wireless Networking, Digital Media, PowerSchool (a student information system no longer owned by Apple), and Apple’s Comprehensive Services.

The final page features a green Apple logo with contact information.

This brochure measures 8 x 11 inches and has 16 pages.

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