Think different. brochure (original iMac, 1998)

This “Think different.” brochure features Apple’s round USB Mouse from the original iMac on the cover. When opened, a two-page spread reveals the original iMac with the iconic “hello (again)” screen and a facing page in bright orange with white text that begins “Say hello to iMac.”

Fully unfolded, a four-panel horizontal spread shows a side view of the original iMac with several labeled features, a two-plug setup showing power and a phone line (Internet at this time was delivered through a built-in dial-up modem using a telephone land line), and a collage of the many third-party CD titles that shipped with the iMac.

The back page of the brochure included iMac specifications.

This brochure measures 3.75 x 6 inches folded.

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