The new iMac. magazine insert (2002)

In the late 1990s and early 2000s, part of Apple’s print advertising included magazine inserts. These inserts functioned like “mini-magazines” within magazines. These inserts were glued with a pliable rubber cement that could be easily removed.

This 6-page magazine insert was used to introduce the first major iMac redesign. With this transformation, the iMac went from a colorful CRT-based computer to a flat-panel floating over a white half-sphere. The flat-panel display “floated” on an adjustable chrome arm that both tiled and swiveled.

The cover of this insert features a photo of the new iMac and the words, “The new iMac.”

The first 2-page spread had the title “Here we go again.”, described the iMac’s new design and capabilities, and showed its screen-adjusting abilities in a series of side-by-side photos. The second spread focused on the Mac OS X operating system, followed by a spread devoted to iPhoto, a spread about creativity on the Mac, and two pages of “Myths,” followed by “Facts” directed at Windows users who wish to switch to Mac.

The back cover shows a photo of the full iMac system with keyboard, mouse, and external speakers, along with a grid showing the three available configurations of the new iMac.

Folded, the insert measures 7.5 x 10.5 inches.

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