The Apple eMate 300 in education. brochure (1997)

This brochure is titled “The Apple eMate 300 in education.” and is printed on matte, textured paper.

Introduced in 1997, the eMate 300 was a personal digital assistant (PDA) designed specifically for the education market as a low-cost, laptop-like device that ran the Newton operating system. The eMate 300 was the only Newton that had a built-in keyboard, and like all other Newton devices, used a stylus and had a touch screen.

This brochure is a comprehensive description of Apple’s vision for the eMate 300 in education. It included the following sections: introduction; what is the eMate 300?; learning beyond the classroom anytime, anywhere; today’s learning environment; why introduce the eMate into teaching and learning; what comes with the eMate 300; incorporating the eMate in teaching and learning; and lesson ideas for writing and communication, math and analysis, and science and critical thinking.

The introduction begins with the statement, “Apple introduces a product designed with the belief that, given the right tools, students can accomplish extraordinary things.”

The design of this brochure uses pastel colors and a decidedly late-1990s design aesthetic. While the majority of the brochure uses the Gill Sans font, the same font used for the Newton brand identity, Apple Garamond is also used as a contrasting design element throughout the brochure.

This brochure is stapled, measures 8.5 x 11 inches, and has 20 pages.

Source: Wikipedia

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