iLife. For the classroom. books (2003)

Two books with the same cover photo (three girls filming themsleves with a DV camera) are headed with “iLife. For the classroom.” and titled, Engage and motivate students with Apple’s new suite of integrated digital media software. The books are spiral bound, have a clear plastic cover, and five tabbed sections. One book is divided into the sections Language Arts/Literacy, Math, Science, Social Studies, and Other. The second version of the book replaces the “Other” tab with a “Step by Step” tab.

The first section of the book is printed in color and describes the iLife suite as “Tools that power today’s classroom.” Each tabbed section’s pages is printed in black and includes projects created by educators including a Project Description, Outcomes, Technology Skills, Tools and Resources, Assessment Suggestions, Tech Tips, and more.

Many of these activities were written by my friends who are teachers and Apple Distinguished Educators.

The pages measure 8.5 x 11 inches, are spiral bound, and the tabs add an extra 0.5 inch—making the full book 9 x 11 inches. Each section of these books is paginated separately. The March 2003 edition has approximately 68 pages and the June 2003 edition has approximately 82 pages.

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