Blueberry iBook magazine insert (1999)

In the late 1990s and early 2000s, part of Apple’s print advertising included magazine inserts. These inserts were “mini-magazines” within magazines. They were glued with a pliable rubber cement that could be easily removed.

This insert is an advertisement for the original blueberry iBook. The cover has no words, just a photo of the lid of the blueberry iBook. Inside, the ad shows an open iBook with a screen that reads, “Say hello to iBook.” and includes a photo of the earth (perhaps to represent the World Wide Web) and various icons and short descriptions of iBook features. The back cover shows the bottom of the iBook.

Interestingly, the actual iBook could not open and lay flat as this advertisement suggests. However, the simplicity of the overall image is very effective since you could open and close the ad just like you would a laptop.

Folded, the size of the insert is 7.875 x 10.5 inches. Unfolded, the insert is 15.75 inches tall.

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