Apple Desktop Publishing brochure (1986)

This Apple Desktop Publishing brochure from 1986 is titled “To find out how people like you are improving their looks….” The title is followed by black-and-white portraits with the captions Publisher, Graphic Director, Senior Designer, and Consultant. When opened, the phrase is completed by the words “just look.” along with more portraits.

The brochure follows a pattern showing each two-panel spread with a portrait, headline, quote, short story of how Apple is used, and a full color image. Many images span across the two panels and the text wraps around them. The back panel specifies that “Portraits in this brochure were created using Macintosh, LaserWriter, and MacVision. Additional hardware may be required.”

MacVision was a third-party hardware product. According to 32by32, “Koala MacVision was a $400 combination hardware/software interface to digitize still frames from a video camera or VCR. The MacVision box plugged into either the Printer or Modem port.” The software was written by Bill Atkinson, one of the original Macintosh creators and developer of HyperCard.

Folded, this brochure measures 3.75 x 8.375 inches.

Source: 32by32

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