iPod “Take One” Apple Store brochure collection (2005)

iPod photo “Take One” store brochures (2005)—Each of these set of three 1-page brochures measures 4.375 x 6.5 inches and features an iPod photo (30GB and 60GB) on the front along with a closeup of the color screen. There are three versions of this design: a green-to-blue gradient background, a yellow-to-green gradient background, and a pink-to-yellow gradient background. The back features a photo of the full iPod photo with a Photo Library on the screen and descriptions of the iPod’s features.

iPod nano “Take One” store brochure (2005)—This 1-page brochure measures 4.375 x 6.5 inches. The front shows a hand holding an iPod nano between the thumb and forefinger with the headline “1,000 songs. Impossibly small. iPod nano.” on a black background. The back has a white background, pictures both a white and black iPod nano, and describes the device’s features.

iPod shuffle “Take One” store brochure (January 2005)—This 1-page brochure measures 4.375 x 6.5 inches and features an iPod shuffle on a bright green background on the front with a stylized “shuffle” graphic in light green in the background. The back describes the iPod shuffle, shows the back of the device (“Actual Size”), and pictures line drawings of four available Apple accessories: Sport Case, Dock, Armband, and Battery Pack.

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