Final Cut Studio, Version 3.0, Install DVDs (NFR, 2009)

Final Cut Studio was a suite of video editing, production, and post-production software created by Apple and sold between 2005–2011. Version 3.0 was the final release of Final Cut Studio and contained the following applications:

  • Final Cut Pro 7—real-time video editor for DV, SD, and HD formats
  • Motion 4—real-time motion graphics design application
  • Soundtrack Pro 3—advanced audio editing and sound design application
  • DVD Studio Pro 4—application for encoding, authoring, and burning DVDs
  • Color 1.5—color grading application
  • Compressor 3.5—video encoding tool for exporting projects in different formats
  • Cinema Tools 4.5—application providing tools specific to film processing
  • Qmaster 3—distributed processing tool

Apple’s press release for this version of Final Cut Studio began with:

“Apple today announced a significant update to Final Cut Studio with more than 100 new features and new versions of Final Cut Pro, Motion, Soundtrack Pro, Color and Compressor. Final Cut Studio features Final Cut Pro 7 which expands Apple’s ProRes codec family to support virtually any workflow and includes Easy Export for one step output to a variety of formats and iChat Theater support for real-time collaboration.”

This set includes 7 DVDs. This version is NFR, Not for Resale.

Sources: Apple, Wikipedia

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