Logic Studio, Version 2.0, Install DVDs (NFR, 2009)

Logic Studio was a music production suite of software by Apple sold between 2007-2011. The suite included Logic Pro, Mainstage, Soundtrack Pro, WaveBurner, Studio Instruments, Studio Effects, Apple Loops, Impulse Response Utility, Compressor, QuickTime Pro, and content DVDs with Jam Pack collections, sound effects, and more.

Apple’s press release quoted Phil Schiller, Apple’s-then senior vice president of Worldwide Product Marketing:

“The new Logic Studio is ideal for professional musicians, live performers and GarageBand enthusiasts who want to take their music to the next level. Guitar players are going to love Amp Designer and Pedalboard and the new Flex Time tools allow you to quickly improve your recordings and create tighter performances.”

This version of Logic added a Loopback plug-in to allow “musicians to record, layer and jam along with their own performance so a single musician can lay down a rhythm and then play a lead over it” using a Mac onstage during their live performance.

This set includes 9 DVDs. This version is NFR, Not for Resale.

Sources: Apple, Wikipedia

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