Apple Unified School System notepads (c. 1988)

These Apple Unified School System notepads feature the logotype for the Apple Unified School System at the bottom center with a yellow-gold logo above that depicts a highly stylized image of a three houses with people (perhaps students and teachers) above represented by a combination of shapes and whitespace. The top of the notepads have a black Apple logo.

I have been unable to date these notepads specifically, but an Apple Corporate Timeline on the Mac Mothership website reports that in March 1987, Apple Marketing introduced “the Apple Unified School System and Apple’s Education Purchase Program (EPP) in a shared commitment with educators to integrate computers into the learning process.”

Each notepad measures 8.5 x 11 inches and is bound with a tearaway edge.

My research has not yielded much specific information on the Apple Unified School System. The OAC (Online Archive of California) contains a listing for an Apple Unified School System report at Stanford, but it is not available online (and the report is undated). An online history of the 1985 “edutainment” software Where in the World Is Carmen Sandiego? claims that the Apple Unified School System helped popularize this game when Apple’s “nationwide computer-in-the-classroom infrastructure” was implemented in the late 1980s.

Sources: Mac Mothership, OAC, Wikipedia

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