T-shirt, multi-color Apple logotype (black, c. 1995)

This t-shirt is black and features a large multicolor Apple logotype in the Apple Garamond font, the corporate font used from approximately 1984–2003. Each letter of the logotype is a different color: neon green, salmon, bright yellow, bright blue, and hot pink. The colors do not match the multicolor Apple logo in use at the time.

The t-shirt tag indicates it is a Hanes Beefy-T brand made from 100% cotton in size ADULT L. It was made in the U.S.A. The back of the shirt includes no Apple markings.

A variant of this t-shirt design was reintroduced in approximately 2018 and sold in the Visitor Center Apple Store in Apple Park (Cupertino, CA). The “retro” design featured a smaller logotype and used colors that match the classic multicolor Apple logo.

Sources: Wikipedia, 9to5mac

Multicolor Pen (white logotype, 1993)

This classic capped Apple pen features a white Apple logotype in Apple Garamond (Apple’s corporate font from 1984–2003). The cap is threaded and when removed reveals a purple interior. The pen is made from all six of Apple’s colors (from the original logo). The pen was made in Germany.

This product is featured on page 45 of the Spring 1993 Starting Line: Apple Marketing Communications Catalog. Its description reads:

Multicolor Pen
Have fun with the six colors of the Apple logo. They’re mixed up in the various parts of this fun an expensive pen. The Apple name is silkscreened in white on the barrel.

Apple Mousepad (light gray, c. 1995)

In the early- to mid-1990s, Apple included a Registration Card in the box that came with every Macintosh (in the brown box labeled “Macintosh Essentials”). In my experience setting up these early Macintosh computers, Apple allowed users who filled out these “official” registration cards to choose from a subscription to MacWorld magazine or a free mousepad. In our school computer labs, we usually opted for the free mousepads.

This is an example of the free mousepad Apple sent. It is 8.75×7 inches, light gray (to match the platinum color of Apple computers of the time). The mousepad is in two layers, light gray plastic on top and black textured foamy rubber on the bottom, approximately 0.125 inches thick. The design is the word Apple® in black type nearly 3 inches tall in the font Apple Garamond, Apple’s corporate identity font of the time.

Source: None available