Apple Learning Interchange bookmarks (c. 2005)

This collection of six silver-metallic-printed bookmarks were packaged in a matching silver envelope with the words “Apple Learning Interchange. A Social Network for Educators.” Each of the six bookmarks were themed, and each theme highlighted five projects that could be found on the Apple Learning Interchange website.

The themes included: Teaching Ideas, Professional Development, Learning Events; Finding Colleagues, Sharing Content, Connecting Globally; Real World Writing; Podcasting, Cut to the Core, Conference Connections; Creative Expression; and Global Awareness.

The Apple Learning Interchange (ALI) program and website are no longer active. ALI was “an Internet community for K-12 educators with a large and participatory membership. Apple has gathered databases of lesson-planning units, Internet resources, and Internet-based projects” (Education World). The Apple Learning Interchange closed in 2010 in favor of iTunes U, “For years the Apple Learning Interchange (ALI) has served as an important resource for educators to access great education content, share best practices, and learn more about using technology in the context of teaching and learning. Over the last three years, iTunes U in the iTunes Store has grown to be an even larger education resource” (MacRumors).

The bookmark envelope measures 2.375 x 7.5 inches, and each of the six bookmarks measure 2.125 x 7.375 inches.

Sources: Education World, MacRumors

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