Rethink. Apple Education mailing collection (2006)

This series of mailings was sent to educators in 2006. The cover of each piece has the title “Rethink.” and discusses a different education topic inside. The cover indicates that this is a series of five, but I only have four of them. The topics include:

Issue 1: Rethink the value of achievement. “You want to give your students and teachers the most powerful learning tools imaginable. So what would you choose? You’d choose intuitive, easy-to-use computers that make lessons a joy and help test scores rise.”

Issue 3: Rethink the possibilities. “Imagine raising achievement across all learning styles and needs. Imagine engaging and motivating every student, allowing all learners to work side by side.”

Issue 4: Rethink how you use your infrastructure. “Your technology infrastructure has the ability to inspire.”

Issue 5: Rethink the frontiers of learning. “The world has changed. No one knows that better than an educator.”

Each folded mailer is 5.625 x 8 inches and unfolds to four horizontal panels. The final panel is a reply postcard inviting the recipient to share their address and get a free item sent to them.

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