Apple Education Event badge holder with pockets and lanyard (black, white logo, 2015)

This black Apple Education badge holder was used approximately between 2003–2017 at Apple Education events, workshops, and conferences where Apple was presenting and/or otherwise contributing. 

This badge holder is black nylon and accommodates a 4×3-inch name badge. The front includes a Velcro pocket closure with a zipper compartment inside that can hold business cards or credit-card-sized items. The front is printed with a white Apple logo and the word Education in the Myriad font, Apple’s corporate font used between 2003–2017.

The back of the badge includes two loops designed to hold pens and a small pocket.

This badge holder is one of many I have used over the years at Apple events. The badge measures 6.625 x 5 inches.

Source: Wikipedia

Apple Learning Interchange bookmarks (c. 2005)

This collection of six silver-metallic-printed bookmarks were packaged in a matching silver envelope with the words “Apple Learning Interchange. A Social Network for Educators.” Each of the six bookmarks were themed, and each theme highlighted five projects that could be found on the Apple Learning Interchange website.

The themes included: Teaching Ideas, Professional Development, Learning Events; Finding Colleagues, Sharing Content, Connecting Globally; Real World Writing; Podcasting, Cut to the Core, Conference Connections; Creative Expression; and Global Awareness.

The Apple Learning Interchange (ALI) program and website are no longer active. ALI was “an Internet community for K-12 educators with a large and participatory membership. Apple has gathered databases of lesson-planning units, Internet resources, and Internet-based projects” (Education World). The Apple Learning Interchange closed in 2010 in favor of iTunes U, “For years the Apple Learning Interchange (ALI) has served as an important resource for educators to access great education content, share best practices, and learn more about using technology in the context of teaching and learning. Over the last three years, iTunes U in the iTunes Store has grown to be an even larger education resource” (MacRumors).

The bookmark envelope measures 2.375 x 7.5 inches, and each of the six bookmarks measure 2.125 x 7.375 inches.

Sources: Education World, MacRumors

Apple Store holiday guides collection (2007, 2010, 2012)

This collection includes Apple Store holiday guide brochures from three different years. Two items from 2007 include a gift guide and a brochure. A 2010 and 2012 gift guide are also included.

Apple Store 2007 Holiday Gift Guide (2007)

2007 was the first holiday season with the iPhone, and unsurprisingly, it is featured prominently. Upon opening, the copy reads “Were they really, really good this year?” under a photo of the original iPhone. Inside, an iPhone panel shows eight different accessories including the Apple Bluetooth Headset, an AirPort Extreme base station, an earphone, a cable, a charger, and device protection. The other panels include Mac and iPod along with 16 accessories and software ideas. Folded, this full-color gift guide measures 4.25 x 10 inches.

Let the holidays begin (2007)

Also for 2007, a slightly larger, bright red, two-panel brochure announces a “special one-day Apple shopping event” that occurs on Black Friday, but never mentions “Black Friday.” This brochure measures 4.25 x 10.5 inches.

Apple Store Gift Guide Holiday 2010

The Gift Guide for Holiday 2010 features a colorful arrangement of iPod nano devices (square with a color screen). When first opened, two iPod touch devices are shown with the iPod nano devices with the tag line “If it’s on their list, it’s in our store.” Inside, four panels feature gift categories including iPhone, iPad, Mac, and iPod—each with service, software, and accessory suggestions. This full color brochure measures 4.25 x 10 inches.

Apple Store Holiday Gift Guide (Japan, 2012)

Finally, this 2012 Gift Guide from Japan is bright red and features four iPad devices with red Smart Covers arranged to resemble ribbons wrapping a package with a tag that translates to “Gift Guide.” When opened, iPad and iPod devices are shown with text that translates to “A perfect gift is not limited to one.” Inside, each of four panels is dedicated to iPad, iPhone, iPod, and Mac. Several accessories and services are shown under each product as gift suggestions. This full color brochure measures 4.25 x 10 inches. This Gift Guide is written in Japanese.

Apple Store Events guides collection (2003, 2004)

In the early 2000s, Apple Stores provided printed brochures to customers to announce their upcoming in-store events. Flagship Apple Stores, such as North Michigan Avenue (Chicago, IL) and Ginza (Tokyo, Japan), used full-color, fold-open designs that featured stunning photography and many events. Smaller stores, such as Woodfield (Schaumburg, IL), used a more basic design.

This collection of Apple Store Event Guides includes three stores from 2003 and 2004.

Apple Store North Michigan Avenue Events June 27–July 31, 2003

The flagship store Apple Store, North Michigan Avenue, then located at 679 North Michigan Avenue, promised “The ultimate Apple experience.” The cover of this brochure invited Apple Store visitors to “Celebrate the grand opening of the Apple Store, North Michigan Avenue, the most amazing Apple Store yet. Grand opening events include appearances by a guest musical artist, DJs, and performers, as well as presentations about digital photography, music, and so much more.”

Indeed, a series of “Made on a Mac” talks listed thirteen different speakers, including rock legends Cheap Trick. Each night also included “music demonstrations featuring a different musical guest.” The Music Nights included a performance and demo of the iPod and iTunes Music Store.

Folded, this brochure measures 4.25 x 8.5 inches.

Apple Store North Michigan Avenue Calendar of Events September 2003

The Apple Store North Michigan Avenue Calendar of Events for September 2003 included features in the Apple Studio Series offering in-depth, personalized instruction; offers on HP printers; a synopsis of Final Cut apps; descriptions of store services; and an extensive schedule of events in the Theater, Studio, and Genius Bar. The brochure includes a “More than a store” description:

“We’ve taken everything we learned from our other stores and designed the ultimate Apple Store especially for you. It’s filled with the full range of Apple products and accessories, including the entire iPod family, and a selection of digital cameras, camcorders, and other products. We offer more than 300 unique educational events every month, covering every aspect of the Mac. We even put in our first-ever Internet Café with 16 computers where you can check your email and experience the Mac at your own pace.”

Folded, this brochure measures 4.25 x 8.5 inches.

Apple Store Woodfield Calendar of Events: May/June 2003

This more subdued brochure folded sideways into four panels. The cover stated: “Join us for a variety of unique and educational presentations, demonstrations, and workshops throughout the year—all free of charge—and discover how to take full advantage of Mac products and solutions.” It also included a daily calendar of events and described Apple Presentations and Apple Workshops that were offered in the store. This brochure also described the now defunct “Mac Pac” service: “Mac Pac is a complete service solution that helps you get started on your Mac and keeps you going.”

Folded, this brochure measures 4.25 x 8.75 inches.

Apple Store Ginza Calendar of Events June 2004

The Apple Store Ginza in Tokyo is another flagship Apple Store. This brochure was similar to the North Michigan Avenue brochure and offered its own unique “More than a store” statement:

“The Apple Store, Ginza, brings one of America’s most exciting new shopping experiences to Tokyo. Here you will find four full floors dedicated to Apple’s legendary products, including our full line of computers, the entire iPod family, and the iSight web camera, as well as digital cameras and camcorders that work perfectly with a Mac. You’re invited to check your email and try out iChat AV at the Internet Cafe. Attend a free Mac workshop in our state-of-the art theater. Or get advice at our Genius Bar. As your neighbor, Apple is honored to have you as our guest.”

The back of the brochure highlighted each of the store’s 5 floors:
1F: Home, Pro
2F: Genius Bar, Movies, Music, Photo
3F: Theater
4F: Accessories, Software, Kids, Internet Café
5F: Studio Training Center

Folded, this brochure measures 4.25 x 8.5 inches.