Macintosh Advantage Collection (1996)

Apparently, 1996 was a major year for Apple to focus on the advantages of using a Macintosh over Windows. According to EveryMac, Apple released almost 50 different Macintosh models in 1996 year including 21 Performa models, 18 Power Macintosh models, six server products, two PowerBooks (1400 model), and the Newton 130.

These three “Macintosh advantage” resources used facts, quotes, and testimonials to highlight the pros of using a Macintosh.

50 Macintosh Advantages book (1996)

The book titled 50 Macintosh Advantages is unambiguously subtitled, “Why Macintosh computers are better than PCs running Windows 95.” The book is divided into four sections, including Ease of Use, Power, Advanced Multimedia, and Compatibility. Each of the 50 advantages begins with a statement and is followed by an explanation—and often includes a screen capture or other supporting visuals. Quotes and testimonials are also included throughout this two-color-printed book (printed in black and dark purple). The 50 advantages listed in the book (from the Table of Contents) include:

  1. Floppy disk management is easier with Macintosh computers.
  2. Checking memory is easier on a Macintosh.
  3. Macintosh computers offer more flexible monitor support.
  4. Changing your mouse is easier and faster on a Macintosh.
  5. Macintosh menus scroll, so they’re easier to use than Windows 95 menus.
  6. Macintosh supports plug-and-play peripherals today.
  7. Macintosh computers are easier to network.
  8. The Mac OS keeps track of files and applications over a network.
  9. Infrared networking is more powerful and more versatile with Macintosh computers.
  10. Macintosh makes Internet access and publishing easier.
  11. Filename limitations.
  12. Filename incompatibilities between Windows 95 and Windows 3.1.
  13. Pathname limitations.
  14. Macintosh files stay linked to the applications that created them with Windows 95, that isn’t always the case.
  15. Macintosh aliases are easier to work with than Windows 95 shortcuts.
  16. The complexity of the Windows 95 Registry is a disadvantage compared with Macintosh.
  17. The Mac OS provides active assistance: Windows 95 doesn’t.
  18. It’s easier to add fonts and other resources to a Macintosh.
  19. It’s easier to add an application to the Apple menu than to the Windows 95 Start Programs menu.
  20. Applications launch once on the Macintosh, with Windows 95, some applications may launch multiple times.
  21. It’s easier to cut and paste graphics between applications on the Macintosh.
  22. An advanced industrial design makes Macintosh computers easier to work with.
  23. The Macintosh desktop metaphor is easier to use.
  24. Macintosh re-sorts folders when you add a new item: Windows 95 doesn’t.
  25. The Macintosh Trash is easier to use.
  26. Easier security and customization with the Macintosh.
  27. Macintosh has easier access to alternate character sets.
  28. Macintosh computers are faster.
  29. The Macintosh speed advantage will increase.
  30. Macintosh offers 32-bit computing today, PCs don’t.
  31. With the RISC-based platform, Macintosh computers are better equipped to run more powerful applications.
  32. Macintosh has integrated scripting.
  33. Macintosh computers include features that cost extra on PCs.
  34. Macintosh is the world’s most popular platform for multimedia.
  35. It’s easier to add CD-ROM drives to a Macintosh system.
  36. Installing and using CD-ROM titles is easier with Macintosh computers.
  37. Recording and playing back desktop video works better on Macintosh.
  38. Videoconferencing is easier on the Macintosh.
  39. Macintosh computers provide better representations of color on screen, and a better match between screen images and printed output.
  40. It’s easier to cut and paste multimedia data on a Macintosh.
  41. Macintosh is ahead of Windows 95 in speech capabilities.
  42. Macintosh is much better at handling three-dimensional graphics.
  43. Virtual-reality software is more realistic on the Macintosh.
  44. Macintosh computers provide more sophisticated type and graphics capabilities.
  45. You can buy a Macintosh and still be compatible with MS-DOS 6.2, Windows 3.1, and Windows 95.
  46. You can work with Windows 95 files on your Macintosh.
  47. You can run applications for the Mac OS, MS-DOS 6.2, and Windows 95 on a Macintosh.
  48. Macintosh computers are compatible with applications for Windows 3.1 and Windows 95.
  49. You can connect a Macintosh computer to almost any network.
  50. Macintosh users are more satisfied with their computers.

This book measures 8.5 x 11 inches and has 54 pages.

Why do People Prefer Macintosh? brochure (1996)

The brochure Why do People Prefer Macintosh? is subtitled “Why people think Macintosh computers are better than PCs running Windows, in their own words.” This brochure uses many of the same “Macintosh advantages” from the source above, but presents them as case studies and testimonials by Macintosh users. Users are identified by name and state or country, and most include a photo.

This brochure measures 8.5 x 11 inches and has 35 pages.

Why Macintosh? brochure (1996)

This Why Macintosh? brochure is a marketing piece and presents bold, full-color spreads printed on glossy paper. On the first page, this brochure declares:

“More than 10 years after the debut of the Apple Macintosh computer, Microsoft released its Windows 95 operating system. But while Microsoft is just now adding to its Windows operating system features that Macintosh users have enjoyed since 1984, Apple has been busy moving Macintosh to the next generation of personal computing.”

The next four 2-page spreads each focus on an aspect of the Macintosh: Ease of Use, Power, Multimedia, and Compatibility.

This brochure measures 8.5 x 11 inches and has 12 pages.

Source: EveryMac

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