Holiday shopping bag (white paper, gray logo, 2023)

Apple’s retail store bags have been used at Apple Stores beginning in 2001 when the first Apple Store opened. Please refer to my blog post, 20 Years of Apple Store Bags (2001–2021), for more details.

In November 2023, Apple began an email, web, and Apple Store campaign using the tagline “All kinds of wonderful” online and “Wonder awaits” on Apple Store windows. The visuals included a stylized white Apple logo with a gift bow and winter scene.

A simplified version of the logo was printed on Apple’s retail store bags to replace the typical solid gray Apple logo. This paper bag is one example of the 2023 holiday Apple Store bags.

The blog post includes a photo I captured of the winter logo on the window of the Apple Store Michigan Avenue in Chicago on November 5, 2023.

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