Apple Logotype Anti-Static Mat (c. 1985)

This anti-static mat was part of a Portable Field Service Kit manufactured by 3M after 1984. It is light gold in color and printed with a black Apple logotype in the Apple Garamond font, Apple’s corporate font used between 1984–2003. Note that the logotype uses a monotone Apple logo (as opposed to the multi-color logo more common at the time) and “Apple Computer, Inc.” (Apple changed its name to Apple, Inc. officially in 2007).

A former Apple repair technician described the mat:

“This utilitarian static mat has turned into a rare collectors’ item from way before Apple was mostly known for their iPhones. It’s a light Gold color, 4 layers thick with soft foam on the bottom and 36 inches long x 23 3/4 inches wide x 3/16 inches thick.”

The upper-right corner of the mat includes a snap to connect grounding cables to prevent electrostatic discharge that could short an electrical component.

According to the Apple repair technician’s post, the mat shipped with an Accessory Package For Portable Field Service Kits that contained the electrostatic wrist strap, a grounding cable, a brochure/manual titled “Static is a touchy business,” and a large yellow workspace sticker that read “ATTENTION STATIC SAFEGUARDED WORK AREA.”

The Apple Logotype Anti-Static Mat in my collection was owned by a former Apple employee and was well used, but in good condition.

Thanks to Randy (AzAntique) for posting photos and a description of this relic!

Source: Randy – AzAntique via WorthPoint, Wikipedia

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