Resource Library CDs, set 1 (1998, 1999)

This collection of CDs include original cardboard packaging with each package containing 1–3 CD-ROM discs. Each CD package is titled “The Apple Sales and Marketing Resource Library” and features a color photo of an Apple computer. Each package is also dated.

The CD contents include:

November 1998 (1 CD)
Pictured: Power Macintosh G3 (beige desktop) with keyboard, mouse, and monitor
CD 1
Interop Seminar Materials
Apple Loan Reseller Sign Up
Mac OS 8.5 Interactive Demo
Mac OS 8.5 Data Sheet & FAQ
“e-mail” and “Beige” Commercials
PowerBook G3 Overview & FAQ
PowerBook G3 Sales Pres
USB Sales Fact Sheet & Pres
Apple Commercial Credit
New/Revised Data Sheets

January 1999 (3 CDs)
Pictured: Macintosh Server G3 (tower)
CD 1
Tales of the iMac
“Hal” Commercial
Publishing Market Guide
MacWorld Product Intro Materials
New Product Presentations
New Product Photography
Mac Products Guide
Data Sheet Library
CD 2
In Concert
SFX Machine
Conflict Catcher
Mac OS 8.5.1 Update
fusion EFFECTS
Unity DS-1
Retro AS-1
4D V6
CD 3 (Apple PowerSales)
New Apple Products (MacWorld)
Jeff Hansen

April 1999 (2 CDs)
Pictured: G3 Tower (blue and white)
CD 1
PowerSales Apr 1999
Gistics AppleScript ROI Rpt
Ed ANAT Volume Lic. Promo
AMA/Enhancing the Workflow
Small Business and iMac Presentation
PM G3 AV for Education Data Sheet
Power Macintosh G3 Poster
Pfeiffer Technology Report
PowerBook Ad Slicks
Mac OS X Server Material
(and more)
CD 2
Myth II: Soulblighter
Dark Vengeance Demo
Hoyle Card Games Demo
3D Ultra NASCAR® Pinball
Quest For Glory V: Dragon Fire
M.Y.O.B. Trial Version 8
Lode Runner 2 Demo
Civilization II Demo
AppleWorks 5
(and more)

August 1999 (1 CD)
Pictured: iBook (blueberry)
CD 1
QuickTime 4
[Resource Library CDs appear to be lost]

My collection also contains the May 1999 Resource Library CDs without the packaging.

Source: Apple

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