PowerCD (1993)

Long before the iPod, Apple released the PowerCD, a CD player that could also play audio, read data CDs, and display Kodak photo CDs. The device could connect to both computers and TVs. The PowerCD was also portable since it could be powered by batteries, but a set of powered speakers were necessary for it to be used as a portable music player.

The PowerCD was Apple’s first stand-alone product for consumers that did not require a computer to operate; however, it was designed and manufactured by Philips (the unit is a Philips CDF-100). Apple’s version was produced in the dark gray color used at the time for PowerBooks and included Apple fonts with the classic rainbow logo.

I acquired my PowerCD on eBay and was thrilled that it came in excellent condition. Since this device is not well known, I did my best to show all its angles, disassembled components, and the included remote control.

Source: Wikipedia.

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