Multicolor Apple Logo Embroidery Stickers (c. 1988)

These multicolor Apple logos are made from embroidery thread and have an adhesive back. One set of embroidery stickers are on a transparent plastic film with the adhesive still tacky, and another set are separate with dried adhesive on the back. The adhesive on the separated stickers is yellowing.

Because the stickers are made primarily of thread, each has a slightly different shape, especially the individual stickers with hardened adhesive backs. The individual sticker dimensions vary, but the least-distorted example measures 20 x 25 mm for stickers on the plastic backing, and 18 x 23 mm off the backing.

I have estimated the date of these stickers as 1988 because a friend of mine had one of these on his hat throughout the mid- to late-1980s. I believe my friend acquired his sticker at an education event in Chicago. My set of stickers was purchased from the estate of a former Apple Education employee.

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