#AppleTeacher vinyl stickers (2020)

Beginning in 2017, Apple Education created a program for teachers to learn Mac, iPad, and Apple apps in the context of classroom lessons and activities. Coding uses for the classroom were added later. The Apple Teacher program uses a series of “Everyone Can Create” and “Everyone Can Code” books (free downloads from Apple’s Book Store).

Teachers may take short online quizzes to earn badges in categories including: iPad, Pages for iPad, Keynote for iPad, Numbers for iPad, iMovie for iPad, GarageBand for iPad, Productivity with iPad, Creativity with iPad, Mac, Pages for Mac, Keynote for Mac, Numbers for Ma, iMovie for Mac, GarageBand for Mac, Productivity with Mac, Creativity with Mac, Coding Concepts, Swift Playgrounds App, Swift Code, and Coding in the Classroom.

According to Apple’s website:

“Apple Teacher is a free professional learning program designed to support and celebrate educators using Apple products for teaching and learning. As an educator you can build skills on iPad and Mac that directly apply to activities with your students, earn recognition for the new things you learn, and be rewarded for the great work you do every day.”

These vinyl stickers are printed with the hashtag #AppleTeacher (in Apple’s San Francisco font) in a variety of colors. These were available at technology conferences for attendees who visited the Apple “Playground” to learn about the Everyone Can Create and Everyone Can Code programs for schools. Each sticker sheet measures 1.125 x 5 inches. Removed from the backing they measure approximately 0.625 x 4.625 inches.

I earned the Mac and iPad Apple Teacher badges the first week the program launched.

UPDATE: I also obtained a set of unopened #Apple Teacher stickers. Photos added below.

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iMac Pro guide and accessories (2019)

Instead of sending a manual with Mac devices, Apple includes this 2-page brochure that provides a diagram of the ports, power button, camera, basic macOS features, list of accessories, charging instructions for the keyboard and mouse, and URLs to access the online “manual” (iMac Pro Essentials guide) and support. In addition, Apple includes two complimentary Apple logo stickers and a microfiber screen cloth.

The Apple logo stickers that shipped with the iMac Pro—and other “Pro” Mac devices—are black. Other Apple logo stickers are most often white.

All these items are enclosed in a custom white cardboard envelope. The envelope measures 3.75 x 4.5 inches and is approximately 0.1875 inch thick.

Stickers for programmable function keys (for original iBook, 1999)

The original “clamshell” iMac shipped with a set of Stickers for programmable function keys in various icon designs. These stickers were designed to be used above the top row of F (function) keys across the top of the iBook.

Many of the iBook F-keys were pre-assigned:
F1 and F2—brightness (down and up)
F3 and F4—volume (down and up)
F5—num lock (number lock to allow use of a built-in number keypad)

However, the F7–F13 keys were unassigned. Using the Keyboard System Preferences, users could easily assign functions to these keys. The set of stickers were included to allow users to mark the functions with a custom sticker to help them remember the key’s function.

Although these stickers shipped with all original iBook “clamshell” laptops (blueberry, tangerine, graphite, indigo, and key lime), I have found no Apple documentation that explains their use. I have two versions of the stickers, a blue-gray set from the original iBook release, and a light gray version from the later iBook models.

Source: EveryMac