iPod touch Loop (yellow, 2012)

The iPod touch Loop is a custom wristband that shipped with iPod touch Generation 5 models with a capacity above 16 GB. The included iPod touch Loop matched the color of the iPod touch: black (shipped with the slate and later Space Gray models), white (shipped with the silver model), pink, yellow, blue, and red.

For owners of the 16 GB iPod touch Generation 5—or for anyone who wanted to customize their iPod touch—the Loop could also be purchased separately in packs of two including one color (pink, yellow, black, blue, or red) and one white Loop for $9.

The iPod touch Loop attached to a pop-out nub on the lower-left-back corner of the iPod touch. This pop-out nub was unique to the iPod touch Generation 5. The back of the packaging shows an excellent diagram of the installation of the Loop.

When I acquired a 16 GB Generation 5 iPod touch and noticed its pop-out nub, I immediately began looking for an iPod touch Loop to accompany it. I found this one on eBay from a German seller in 2020. I selected the “yellow” option because its unusual shade seems more green to my eye than yellow.

Source: EveryMac

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