iPod touch (Generation 2, 8 GB, black, 2009)

This version of the iPod touch was originally marketed as the “new iPod touch” and designated as “iPod touch (Late 2009)” by Apple. Due to its similarities, this model is sometimes confused with the Generation 3 iPod touch, but the Generation 2 model is differentiated by the fact it cannot run an iOS version beyond iOS 4.2.1.

This iPod touch was released around the same time as the iPhone 3GS and shares many features (except the iPod touch did not have 3G/EDGE phone, A-GPS, digital compass, and integrated camera).

The iPod touch Generation 2 8 GB included a multi-touch 3.5-inch display (320×480), accelerometer, ambient light sensor, and 802.11b/g/n. It used a 30-pin connector, included a stereo headphone jack, and shipped with Apple’s standard earphones of the time.

Source: Everymac, Wikipedia

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