iPod mini (Generation 2, 4GB, blue, 2005)

When the original iPod mini was released in 2004, Apple described it as “the smallest portable music player ever to hold up to 1,000 CD-quality songs.” Originally, it was available in silver, gold, pink, blue, or green, but the second generation iPod mini from 2005 offered brighter versions of the pink, blue, and green and dropped the gold option. In addition, the Generation 2 models matched the printing on the ClickWheel to the color of the exterior case.

The iPod mini Generation 2 also increased battery life from 8 hours to an impressive 18 hours and was offered in 4GB and 8GB configurations. Both iPod mini models used the same size case: 3.6 x 2.0 x 0.5 inches. The iPod mini Generation 2 weighed 3.6 ounces and used a 1.67-inch grayscale display. The iPod mini Generation 2 charged with an included USB 2.0 cable with a 30-pin connector.

This iPod mini is blue and has 4GB of storage. Please note that this particular device has been retrofitted with a flash memory storage upgrade and a new battery.

Sources: Apple (Newsroom), EveryMac

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