Duffel Bag (c. 1998)

This duffel bag is from the late 1990s when the Internet was still considered “new” to most users. The bag is made of black nylon with stitched straps and features a zippered side panel with a plastic enclosure to separate shoes or clothing. It also has a clip-on shoulder strap with silver metal hardware.

The cartoon-style embroidery logo is a stylized surfer carrying a surf board with a tiny red Apple logo. The figure is holding a cable that is likely a “surfboard leash”—a cord attached to the deck of a surfboard to a leg strap that prevents the board from being swept away or hitting other surfers. Although the cord at first glance appears to be a music player, this duffel bag predates the iPod by several years, and Apple sold no other portable devices with this design.

Under the surfer are the embroidered letters www.apple.com in a sans serif type that resembles Helvetica.

In my research, I have never seen another duffel bag of this design. Please contact me if you have additional history or information on this item.

Source: Wikipedia

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