T-shirt, There’s an ADE for that. (heather gray, c. 2014)

This heather gray t-shirt was given to Apple Distinguished Educators and features the phrase “There’s an ADE for that.” printed on the front centered in white text in the Apple Myriad font. The left sleeve features the Apple Distinguished Educator logo.

The featured phrase is a reference to the Apple ad campaign, “There’s an app for that.” The tagline was first used in a 2009 TV commercial for the iPhone 3G that depicts a user scrolling across iPhone screens and selecting various apps for specific tasks. In 2010 Apple was awarded a trademark for the phrase.

The Apple Distinguished Educator program co-opted the phrase to describe and showcase the diversity, knowledge, and expertise brought by the members of the ADE program.

This shirt was made in Vietnam for District Threads. The size is 2XL.

I was honored to receive this shirt as member of the Apple Distinguished Educator program. I am in the ADE Class of 2007.

Source: Engadget

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