Pirate T-shirt (black, rainbow, XXL, 2019)

This T-shirt features the skull-and-crossbones design that was hand-painted by Susan Kare and flown on a flag over the building housing the creators of the original Macintosh.

According to Susan Kare’s website:

“In 1983, Susan Kare painted the original pirate flag in response to one of Steve Job’s slogans at a Macintosh offsite: It’s better to be a pirate than join the Navy. The original that flew over Bandley 3, the Macintosh building at Apple, Inc. for more than a year…has since been lost…”

This shirt was purchased at the employee Apple Store at One Infinite Loop, Apple original headquarters before Apple Park. The shirt is a size XXL, unopened in its original box. The white box is printed with a white Apple logo and measures 195mm x 195mm x 35mm.

Source: Susan Kare

Apple Garamond T-shirt (black, multicolor logotype, 2XL, 2022)

This Apple Park T-shirt is black with the Apple logotype in five of six original Apple logo colors. “Apple Garamond” refers to Apple’s corporate font used between 1984 and 2003.

A T-shirt with a similar design is featured on page 57 of the Spring 1993 Starting Line: Apple Marketing Communications Catalog. Its description reads:

Black Apple T-shirt
Modeled after the sweatshirt John Scully wears on the cover of his book Odyssey: From Pepsi to Apple, this black Apple T-shirt is 100% preshrunk cotton with a five-color Apple name. Adult sizes S–XXL. APL166

This shirt was purchased at the Apple Visitor Center Apple Store at Apple Park. The shirt is a size 2XL, unopened in its original box. The white box is printed with a white Apple logo and measures 195mm x 195mm x 35mm.

Source: Apple

T-shirt, Black@Apple (XL, c. 2020)

This black t-shirt features a front design with the words Black@Apple in San Francisco Bold, Apple’s corporate font. The left sleeve features a small white Apple logo.

The shirt has two tags, one indicating that the brand is BELLA+CANVAS, a Los Angeles-based company specializing in “premium crafted tees.” The second tag includes size, manufacturing, and care information.

Apple’s Diversity web page references the “Black@Apple” group under one of many features on this page. Information can be found by clicking the feature block “Community is the core of our culture.” Part of the feature reads:

“In the last year, we’ve grown our global communities more than 50 percent, including expansions in Apple Store locations and across all regions. More than 55,000 Apple employees belong to groups like Accessibility@Apple, AsianPacific@Apple, Beacon@Apple, Black@Apple, Familia@Apple, Indigenous@Apple, Pride@Apple, SouthAsian@Apple, Veterans@Apple, Women@Apple, and more.”

Employees are featured on another related page by following the link “Learn more about Apple DNAs >.” This link leads to the “Careers at Apple” website with the headline “I belong@Apple” where scrolling down the page introduces Apple employees who are identified as being part of various communities within Apple. These communities are referred to as “Diversity Network Associations.”

One feature identified Georgiana, an Apple employee part of Black@Apple—wearing this same T-shirt—and telling her story about some of the differences made by the Black@Apple Diversity Network Association:

“For years, different Black@Apple chapters had been doing their own smaller Juneteenth celebrations. Then, after our 2018 DNA Summit, we met with Apple leadership to share ideas for a more unified approach. Just a few weeks later, we saw one of those ideas come to life in time to celebrate… Juneteenth officially appeared in Calendar as a U.S. holiday—not just for Apple people, but for everyone…”

This t-shirt is size XL.

Sources: BELLA+CANVAS, Apple (Diversity, Apple DNA)

T-shirt, Apple Music (black, c. 2019)

This black t-shirt features an Apple Music logo on the front with an Apple logo and the text-stylized word “MUSIC” (in an unknown, perhaps bespoke, font). The back of the shirt is printed at the top-center with a white Apple logo and the words “1 Infinite Loop, Cupertino, CA” in Apple’s San Francisco font.

The shirt does not have a tag, but is printed with the size 2XL and “Made in China.” The size is stylized in the Apple Myriad font with a rounded-rectangle border, the same design used to indicate the storage size of various iPod and iPhone models. (It seems unusual that Apple has mixed the current San Francisco font on the back and the old Apple Myriad font on the tag of the same product.)

This t-shirt has not been worn. It was purchased from The Company Store, a store on the Apple Campus at 1 Infinite Loop that resembles an Apple Store, but includes Apple logo retail items such as t-shirts and mugs.