T-shirt, Apple Music (black, c. 2019)

This black t-shirt features an Apple Music logo on the front with an Apple logo and the text-stylized word “MUSIC” (in an unknown, perhaps bespoke, font). The back of the shirt is printed at the top-center with a white Apple logo and the words “1 Infinite Loop, Cupertino, CA” in Apple’s San Francisco font.

The shirt does not have a tag, but is printed with the size 2XL and “Made in China.” The size is stylized in the Apple Myriad font with a rounded-rectangle border, the same design used to indicate the storage size of various iPod and iPhone models. (It seems unusual that Apple has mixed the current San Francisco font on the back and the old Apple Myriad font on the tag of the same product.)

This t-shirt has not been worn. It was purchased from The Company Store, a store on the Apple Campus at 1 Infinite Loop that resembles an Apple Store, but includes Apple logo retail items such as t-shirts and mugs.

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