Resource Library CDs, set 2 (1999, 2000)

This collection of CDs include original cardboard packaging with each package containing 1–3 CD-ROM discs. Each CD package is titled “The Apple Sales and Marketing Resource Library” and features a color photo of an Apple product. Each package is also dated.

Set 1 of my collection includes:

  • November 1998 (1 CD)
  • January 1999 (3 CDs)
  • April 1999 (2 CDs)
  • August 1999 (1 CD)

My collection also contains the May 1999 Resource Library CDs without the packaging.

This collection includes:

March 1999 (2 CDs)
Pictured: G3 Blue & White tower and matching Blue & White display
CD 1
K-12 Seminar # 1
Education QuickFacts
New/Revised Data Sheets
Mac Products Guide 02.99
Studio Display QTVRs
FireWire Fact Sheet
iMac Photography
iMac Sales Pres
CD 2
“A Day in the Life of an SAP Order”
“Learn & Earn 1999”
“Part lI SAP”
Exec. Commentary: Wane Kozlow

May 1999 (2CDs)
Pictured: Strawberry iMac
CD 1
PowerSales May 1999
Apple Loan Ad Slicks
ColorSync White Paper
Final Cut DataSheet & FAQ
QuickTime 4.0 Data & Fact Sheets
Mac OS X Server Data Sheet & FAQ
Mac OS X Server Presentation
Mac Products Guide 04.99
Mac OS Promos
CD 2
Mac OS X Server Training

June 1999 (3 CDs)
Pictured: PowerBook G3
CD 1
PowerSales June 99
PowerBook G3 Series Photography
PowerBook G3 Series Data Sheet
PowerBook G3 Series Presentation
Final Cut Pro Data Sheet
Final Cut Pro White Paper
Final Cut Pro Overview Movie
Final Cut Pro Presentation
QuickTime 4.0 Pro Data Sheet
QuickTime 4.0 Pro Fact Sheet
WebObjects Success Stories
CD 2
Taped Kevnote Speeches:
Jon Rubenstein & Phil Schiller
Mitch Mandich
CD 3
Taped Sessions:
Mac OS 8 Overview
Mac OS X Overview
QuickTime-What’s New

July 1999 (1 CD)
Pictured: G3 Blue & White tower
CD 1
PowerSales July 99
QuickTime 4 Glossary
WebObjects Success Stories
Mac OS X Server Presentation
Macintosh Server G3 Presentation
QuickMail Pro Client Demo
Electrifier® Pro 1.0.1
Quickevs 4.0 Demo
Informed 2.6.2
4D v6.5

August 1999 (1 CD)
CD only (no cardboard insert)
CD 1
PowerSales August 99
iBook Sales Presentation
Macworld NY 99 Keynote Speech
iBook Data Sheets, Take One and FAQ
iBook and AirPort Product Photography
Design & Publishing Sales Presentations
AppleShare IP 6.2 Sales Presentation
AppleCare Data Sheets and FAQs
QuickTime 4 Sales Presentation
WebObjects Success Stories
AppleShare IP 6.2 (NFR)

October 1999 (2 CDs)
Pictured: Mac OS 9 retail box
CD 1

PowerSales October 1999
Mac OS 9 Sales Presentation
Macintosh and DV White Paper
Digital Moviemaking with iMac DV
Mac OS 9 Data Sheet, FAQ & Take One
iMac DV Data Sheets, FAQ & Take One
iMac DV Product Photography
WebObjects Success Stories
iMac DV Sales Presentation
iMovie Fact Sheet & FAQ
CD 2
Flint Center Event – Steve Jobs
Electrifier® Pro 1.0.2
Spell Catcher 8 Demo
Soundlam MP v1.1.1 Demo
Conflict Catcher 8.0.6 Demo
Informed Designer®v2.7 Demo
Informed Filler® v2.7 Demo
Version Master Mac 2.0.2
REALbasic 2.02 Demo
FMSync for JFile

November 1999 (2 CDs)
Pictured: Graphite iMac SE
CD 1

PowerSales November 1999
iBook Demo Fall ’99 V2
PowerBook G3 Demo Fall ’99
Power Mac G4 Demo Fall ’99 V2
iMac Demo Fall ’99 V2
AppleShare IP 6.3
CD 2
iBook First Impressions
AppleShare IP 6.3 Data Sheet
AppleCare Protection Plan Data Sheet
Design & Publishing Sales Presentations
AppleShare IP 6.3 Sales Presentation
Apple Corporate & Reseller Logos
Reseller Advertising Guidelines
Mac OS 9 Reseller Ad Kit
iMac Reseller Ad Kit

January 2000 (1 CD)
Pictured: 5 slot-loading iMacs (tangerine, strawberry, blueberry, grape, and lime)
PowerSales January 2000
AppleWorks 6 Data Sheet
Apple Internet Services FAQ
Apple Internet Services Sales Preso
Apple Studio Display 15″ Data Sheet
Mac OS X Server Data Sheet & FAQ
Apple Displays Sales Presentation
Adobe Web Collection Promo
AirPort FAQ

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