Pirate T-shirt (black, rainbow, XXL, 2019)

This T-shirt features the skull-and-crossbones design that was hand-painted by Susan Kare and flown on a flag over the building housing the creators of the original Macintosh.

According to Susan Kare’s website:

“In 1983, Susan Kare painted the original pirate flag in response to one of Steve Job’s slogans at a Macintosh offsite: It’s better to be a pirate than join the Navy. The original that flew over Bandley 3, the Macintosh building at Apple, Inc. for more than a year…has since been lost…”

This shirt was purchased at the employee Apple Store at One Infinite Loop, Apple original headquarters before Apple Park. The shirt is a size XXL, unopened in its original box. The white box is printed with a white Apple logo and measures 195mm x 195mm x 35mm.

Source: Susan Kare

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