Mini-brochures collection (2002)

These product mini-brochures were available in Apple Stores and elsewhere in the early 2000s. They measured 3 x 4.5 inches folded, and designs folded out into different configurations. All of these mini-brochures feature a photo of the product on the front panel, information inside, and specifications on the back panel.

iMac (January 2002)
This brochure features an indigo iMac on the cover. The horizontal 4-up layout features several tasks that can be completed on an iMac with four photos and the headlines “Surf the Internet,” “Make movies,” “Mix music,” and “Make a photo album.” The fully unfolded 8-up poster features a birds-eye view of an indigo iMac with the headline, “Your digital life starts here.”

The new iMac. (January 2002)
This brochure features the first flat-panel iMac (with a white half-sphere base) on the cover. The opening 2-up layout features the copy, “iMac redefined. With a state-of-the-art 15-inch digital flat panel display, a PowerPC G4 processor, and a SuperDrive that burn CDs and DVDs, the new iMac completely reinvents the all-in-one computer.” The fully unfolded 8-up mini-poster features the headline “Here we go again.”

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