iPod Generation 2 Lenticular Card (2002)

This card is an advertisement for the Generation 2 iPod. The Generation 2 iPod was similar to the original iPod and looks identical in this ad, but the device used a touch wheel instead of a physically rotating wheel to scroll throughout the interface.

The card is printed using a lenticular printing technique that shows two different designs, depending upon the angle the card is held. The card is notably the actual size of the iPod.

The front card has two lenticular designs: the Apple logo and name iPod (the iPod startup screen), and an interface screen capture showing the Artists screen with six artists including David Bowie, Moby, Busta Rhymes, Ash, Carl Cox, and John Digweed (Moby is selected).

The back of the card is bright orange and includes the text: “Introducing the newest iPod with the room for more than 4000 songs. For Mac and now Windows.”

I have three of these cards in my collection, all identical.

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