iPhone 5c Case (Yellow, unopened, 2013)

The iPhone 5c Case was a unique design by Apple to protect the colorful and popular iPhone 5c. The case was made of silicone with a microfiber interior. It added a slight “lip” to the front of the case to protect the screen from contacting a surface when placed flat. This is a yellow example of the case unopened in the original packaging.

The case was available in the same colors as the iPhone 5c and also black: pink, yellow, blue, green, and white. Perhaps becuase the phones were made of polycarbonate, the case colors were somewhat more muted than the phone colors. The unique design of these cases includes a 5 x 7 grid of holes in the back of the case, allowing the iPhone color to show through. With five iPhone 5c colors and six cases, Apple noted that 30 color combinations were available; however, since most people only own and use one iPhone at a time, the number of combinations was likely only six for most users.

Many reviewers noted that the hole pattern in the case obscured the “iPhone” product name and changed it to read “hon.”

Source: MacWorld

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