Apple Watch Leather Link (44mm, M/L, California Poppy, 2020)

The Apple Watch Leather Link was an Apple Watch band released in 2020. The design is similar to the previous Leather Loop design, but while the Leather Loop included a metal “eye,” the Leather Link is secured solely by magnets.

Apple describes the Leather Link:

“The Leather Link features handcrafted Roux Granada leather made in France. The strap elegantly wraps around the wrist and magically attaches with flexible moulded magnets that gently flex to help maintain a secure, comfortable fit throughout the day.”

When released, the Leather Link was available in Baltic Blue, California Poppy, Saddle Brown, and Black. It came in sizes including 40mm in S/M (130–160mm wrists) and M/L (140–180mm wrists), and 44mm in S/M (140–180mm wrists) and M/L (165–205mm wrists).

This example is California Poppy (yellow-orange) in size 44mm, M/L.

Source: Apple

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