Apple Keyboard (2003)

The Apple Keyboard released in 2003 was a major design change from the previous Apple Pro Keyboard. This keyboard design removed the clear enclosure surrounding the keys and moved the two USB ports to the back-center. Originally, the USB ports were USB 1.1, but the ports were upgraded to USB 2.0 in 2005. Unlike the previous Apple Pro Keyboard that came in black and white models, this Apple Keyboard was only available in white.

Apple’s first wireless keyboard, also released in 2003, closely resembles the design of this wired Keyboard.

As of 2020 Apple has released approximately 20 external keyboard designs. In general, Apple Macintosh keyboards are different from standard keyboards because they include a Command key (⌘) for shortcuts; an Option key (⌥) for entering diacritical marks and special characters; and a Help or fn (function) key. Earlier Apple keyboards also included a power key (◁), while newer keyboards include eject (⏏).

Source: Wikipedia

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