Apple environmental logo t-shirt (green, XL, 2022)

This bright green t-shirt features Apple’s environmental logo that has been featured in Apple Stores, often as a part of Earth Day recognitions. The logo features a white Apple logo with a green leaf. This t-shirt was given to Apple retail store employees in 2022.

In 2020 Apple reached a major environmental milestone when they reported that their facilities were carbon neutral—and they further state the goal that “By 2030, all our products will be too.” In 2022, Lisa Jackson, Vice President, Environment, Policy & Social Initiatives, wrote:

“In a year where the technology we make touched more lives than ever, teams across Apple never stopped innovating to protect the planet. Whether it’s using more recycled materials in our products, or transitioning our supply chain to 100 percent clean energy, there is no part of Apple this work does not reach.”

This t-shirt is size XL and is printed in the tag area with “100% Recycled Cotton” and “Made in Vietnam.” The shirt is in its original packaging.

Sources: Apple (Progress Report, Environment)

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