Apple employee challenge cards (2023)

Apple challenge cards are sent to Apple employees who participate in company-sponsored events, usually with a gift to celebrate the accomplishment of successfully completing the challenge.

These challenge cards include:

Close Your Rings Challenge (2023)—Hat’s off to you! Congrats! You finished strong. We hope you’re moved to keep on moving—and finding motivation even beyond this Challenge. Your exclusive Apple-branded hat will be an ongoing reminder to keep your body active and your head in the game. You deserve it.

[Editorial note: I wonder how many Apple employees looked at the grossly misspelled headline “Hat’s off to you!”—with the completely unnecessary apostrophe—before thousands of them were printed in metallic gold. Someone’s head was not in the game!]

Mindful Minute Challenge (2023)—One sip at a time. Cheers to you for completing the Mindful Minute Challenge. Enjoy this mug to help remind you to pause and practice mindfulness with something as simple as a sip. Or create your own mindful practice by slowly tracing the logo while taking a few breaths to find your own inner comfort.

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