Apple Developer Connection Select Membership box and DVDs (2007)

The Apple Developer Connection Select Membership box was sent to new members of the Apple Developer program that served as a “welcome kit” to the ADC program. Based on its contents, this membership box was sent in February 2007 (the DVD design features a large 02/07 in red-orange Apple Myriad font). After the box was sent, new content could be downloaded from the Apple Developer website and no new physical media (CDs/DVDs) was necessary.

This Apple Developer Connection box contains a welcome letter, a set of DVD-ROMs (Developer DVD Series—February 2007), and the then-current Mac OS X Leopard Developer Preview DVD.

The welcome letter reads:

Welcome to Apple Developer Connection Select Membership.

This orientation package includes the resources you need to get started-all in a convenient case that can be used to store the Mac OS X releases and monthly Developer DVDs you’ll receive as part of your once-a-year membership.

The enclosed brochure provides an summary of your Select benefits, including:
• Early access to Mac OS X, Xcode Tools, and other Apple technologies
• Two one-on-one discussions with Apple’s developer technical support engineers
• Significant savings on one Apple hardware system for development and testing
• Access to ADC’s state-of-the-art Compatibility Labs up to two times a month

You also get the Leopard Early Start Kit-exclusive, advance access to a complete set of development resources to help you develop applications for the next major release of Mac OS X.

More information on your membership may be found in ADC “Frequently Asked Questions” at Feel free to contact us with specific questions at

Again, welcome to ADC Select Membership. We look forward to helping you develop and market world-class Mac OS X products and solutions.

Apple Developer Connection

The DVD contains the following folders:

  • About this DVD (html-based reference library)
  • What’s New (software updates including Airport Update 2006-002, Security Update 2006-008 PPC, Security Update 2006-008 Universal)
  • ADC Reference Library (html-based library)
  • Development Kits
    • Apple Loops SDK
    • AppleScript SDK
    • Bonjour SDK for Windows
    • CardBus DDK
    • Core Audio SDK
    • DotMac SDK
    • FireWire SDK
    • Image Capture SDK
    • iMovie Plug-in SDK
    • iTunes COM for Windows SDK
    • iTunes Visual Plug-ins SDK
    • Kernel Debug Kit
    • Kernel Debug Kit 10.4.6
    • Kernel Debug Kit 10.4.7
    • Kernel Debug Kit 10.4.8
    • Language Analysis
    • Mac OS X USB Debug Kit
    • Multiprocessing 2.1v2 SDK
    • PCI DDK 1.1.1 Mac OS X
    • Power Manager DDK for Mac OS X
    • QuickTime for Java Windows SDK
    • QuickTime for Windows
    • QuickTime SDK
    • Sherlock Channel SDK
    • Software License Agreements for UDIFs
    • Text Encoding Converter 1.5
    • USB Debug Kits
  • Tools
    • Developer Utilities
    • Localization Tools
    • Networking & Communications
    • QuickTime
    • Testing & Debugging
  • Xcode Tools (Xcode Tools 2.4.1 Release for Mac OS X v10.4 Tiger)

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