American Girl of Today Mini Macintosh (Power Macintosh 5200/75 LC replica, 1996)

Please note: Although this is not an official Apple product, it is a faithful replica that was officially licensed by Apple.

According to the American Girl Dolls Wiki, this Power Macintosh 5200 replica was an American Girl of Today accessory that was sold from 1996 to 1999 and cost $32. This line of American Girl dolls and accessories has been available since 1995 and has been known by several names, including American Girl of Today (1995); American Girl Today (1996); Just Like You (2006); My American Girl (2010); and Truly Me (2015). This line is “intended to reflect a more modern time than that of the Historical Characters.”

This accessory is a surprisingly detailed replica of a Power Macintosh 5200/75 LC, a Macintosh sold from 1995–96. It has a working 3.25-inch monochrome LCD display, a keyboard, a mouse, and runs on 2 AAA batteries. Users can interact with this Macintosh by clicking the keyboard (a large single button) or the mouse, both attached with thin wires. The screen displays a simulated Mac OS Desktop running what appears to be a scaled-down version of AppleWorks.

The back of the replica includes an ON/OFF switch, simulated ports that match the ports on the Power Macintosh 5200/75 LC, and the words, “PLEASANT COMPANY® MADE IN CHINA.”

The interface depicted is monochromatic and uses a menu bar with the Apple menu, File, Edit, View, Label, Special, and the Finder menu. The Desktop also shows two icons labeled Hard Drive and Trash, and a toolbar with four tools (paint bucket, eraser, pencil, and paint brush). Each click of the keyboard button reveals a paragraph of text, and each click of the mouse reveals stars until the Big Dipper is fully displayed along with a caption that reads “The Big Dipper.”

The text on the screen includes the following (with no spaces after periods):

Field Trip [file name in the top bar of the window]

My Visit to the Planetarium

There was a nice man there that
talked to us and told us about the stars.

They had a cool machine in the
middle of the room that shined the
stars up on the ceiling.It had a big
round ball with holes cut in it and a
light bulb inside.

The seats leaned way back so you
could look up at the big curved
ceiling.We learned about lots of
constellations. The Big Dipper was
my favorite.I made a drawing of it
on my computer.

It was a long bus ride to the high
school planetarium but it was
worth it.

Finally, this replica also shipped with a computer desk, chair, and mousepad. I only own the Macintosh.

Sources: American Girl Wiki, Everymac, Wikipedia

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