Sweatshirt, i learn, therefore i am. (black, c. 2013)

This unusual black sweatshirt design features the phrase “i learn, therefore i am.” in white text centered on the front. I have seen no other Apple designs that use the lowercase “i,” presumably to echo the lowercase “i” in many Apple products, in this case, iTunes U. The back of the sweatshirt has a white Apple logo, and the brand iTunes U centered at the top.

Apple launched iTunes U in 2007. Apple describes iTunes U as “a dedicated area within the iTunes Store (www.itunes.com) featuring free content such as course lectures, language lessons, lab demonstrations, sports highlights and campus tours provided by top US colleges and universities including Stanford University, UC Berkeley, Duke University and MIT.”

According to Apple, they plan to discontinue iTunes U at the end of 2021.

This sweatshirt is made by American Apparel. Its tag indicates it was “Made in Downtown LA” and made in USA of 100% combed cotton.

Apple (Support, iTunes U)

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