Mac OS X Tiger, Version 10.4, installer DVD, Not for Resale (2005)

Mac OS X, Version 10.4, was the fifth major release of the Mac OS X [ten] operating system. It was referred to by its codename, “Tiger,” in its product marketing. Previous versions were codenamed “Cheetah” (Version 10.0) and “Puma” (Version 10.1), but they were referred to only by their version numbers. Version 10.2 was announced as “Jaguar,” 10.3 was named “Panther,” and this version, 10.4, was called “Tiger.”

According to Apple, “Tiger delivers more than 200 new features and innovations including Spotlight, a revolutionary desktop search technology that lets users instantly find anything stored on their Mac, including documents, emails, contacts and images; and Dashboard, a new way to instantly access important information like weather forecasts and stock quotes, using a dazzling new class of applications called widgets.”

This Not for Resale DVD is unopened.

When it was released on April 29, 2005, this Mac OS X upgrade cost US$129. Likely because this DVD is “Not for Resale,” it is packaged in a plain white cardboard envelope.

Source: Apple

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