iSight Accessory Kit (2003)

The iSight Accessory Kit included three mounting stands, three FireWire cable adapters, and a FireWire cable. This model number, M9314G/A, was the first version of the kit. A similar kit with different packaging was introduced later with model number M9314G/B.

Each of the three mounting stands were designed for different purposes and included a laptop clip and two bases with adhesive bottoms—one mounted horizontally and the other mounted vertically. The three FireWire cable adapters were identical and used a base with a very strong magnet that was designed to sit on top the iMac display at the time. (The iMac included a metal plate under the top center of the display to accept the magnet.)

The additional thin FireWire cable allowed an accessory base to remain attached while the iSight Camera could be unplugged and transported in a clear plastic cylinder that shipped with the iSight Camera.

Source: Apple

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