EncycliPodia brochure (2005)

This iPod brochure from 2005 uses the unique, play-on-words title, “EncycliPodia,” a mash-up of the words “encyclopedia” and “iPod.” The cover is understated in light blue with a small Apple logo in the corner and the title in the Apple Myriad font.

The 2-page spreads at the beginning of the brochure feature iPod devices on a color background on the left page and text and diagrams on the facing right page on a white background. Many of the iPod photos specify that they are actual size.

After the iPod devices are outlined, the EncycliPodia presents 2-page spreads of accessories on a light blue background, including “In the Car Accessories,” “At Home Accessories,” “On the Go Accessories,” and “Apple Accessories.”

The back cover features a grid titled “Which iPod are you?” Among other information, each iPod model is identified by size—“About the size of:”
iPod shuffle: pack of gum
iPod mini: cell phone
iPod: deck of cards

The brochure measures 7 x 7 inches and has 10 pages.

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